Stopping your Gel Blasters from Jamming

Stopping your Gel Blasters from Jamming

Nothing is better than getting together with friends and having a gel blaster battle. These are always the best times, no mess which means no clean up after the fun. Sometimes fun times can be halted because of wrong preparations for the battle. Here are some ways to make sure that you have a blast!

You may ask yourself “Why are my gel beads getting stuck?”

Here are a few reasons:

The most common reason is your gel beads are not grown to the full size. Each gel blaster has a specific size gel bead that fits in the gun, for Jubie Blasters the bead size is 7-8mm. You need to make sure that the gel beads are grown to the full size. The best way to make sure that the gel beads are grown to the full size is by, making sure there is an abundant amount of water in the bucket where the gel beads are being grown. After 3-4 hours of growing there should be still plenty of water above the gel beads.

Another common reason for the gel beads to be jamming up is that there might be some broken gel beads in the chamber of the gel blaster gun. The best way to fix this problem is by, removing the hopper from the gel blaster, turning the blaster upside down, and shooting the blaster. Be careful! There might be some gel beads suck in the chamber, so shoot in the direction where no one will get hurt. After doing this your jam should be fixed and you should be ready to go.

Power and Speed:

Another thing you should make sure of is, make sure your Blaster batteries are fully charged. We cannot express how important this is for the performance of your gel blasters. The power and speed of your Jubie Blasters relies on the battery that is being used. If the batter is fully charged, then you will have stronger and faster shots.


We hope these tips help you enjoy your gel blasters a bit more!