• What are gel gun blasters? 
    • They are toy guns that shoot out gel beads (Orbeez). The gun is powered using rechargeable batteries. Gel beads are very cheap, fun, and a great summer activity.

  • Should I wear goggles or make sure that the person I am shooting at is wearing goggles? 

    • YES, absolutely. Goggles are a MUST when using these toys guns. Not doing so maybe result in injury. 

  • How to soak the gel beads?

    • Fill a container with warm water, add the beads according to the size of your container (they grow a lot so keep that in mind), let them sit for 2-3 hours. When finished the gel beads should be fully submerged in water still but grown to the full size.

  • How to charge the battery? 

    • Pug in to USB outlet using the charging cord provided. Once the charging is completed connect the outlet to the wire located in the battery housing in the gun.

  • Why is the gun jamming? 

    • It is possible that the gel beads did not grow to its full size. Also, if you used beads from another brand it is possible it will jam the gun.



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