Scorpion Family Bundle

Scorpion Family Bundle

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4x Scorpion Blaster

4x Gel Bead Blaster

4x Safety Goggle

120,000 Gel Beads

4x Battery

4x Battery Charger

4x Gel Beads Hopper

4x Extension

2x 5L Collapsible Bucket

100,000 Gel Beads

Jubie Toys Gel Blaster is a toy gun that is able to shoot out gel beads. These gel blasters are battery powered using a rechargeable battery, charger is included. The gel beads that are used are easy to store, being the size of a small pebble before submerged in water. Once the gel beads are submerged in water for 4 hours they grow to 7-8mm size. Very little pain is felt when shooting the blaster, just enough sting to have a lot of fun!

This toy is not suitable for ages under 12 years.

CHOKING HAZARD- this product contains small parts and accessories that could cause a risk of breathing or choking problems if consumed.

Do not put the gel balls into your mouth and swallow.

The gel balls are not edible.

If it is swallowed by accident, please immediately seek medical attention from a doctor as soon as possible.

 When you are using this product:

Do not aim the gel balls at the eyes or face.

Do not fire the gel balls directly at people within 26 Ft.

Do not fire the gel balls at objects that can easily shatter or crack. Wear protective safety goggles before use.

Plug the USB charger into an outlet and connect it to the battery, allow it to charge for an hour.

Fill a container with warm water, pour the desired amount of gel beads into the container and let it sit for 3-4 hours  (remember these beads grow to 7-8mm each).

Make sure that there is no residue in the chamber.



Jubie Toys offers the best in the market of gel blasters! The ULTIMATE Water Blasters, turns an old school squirt gun idea into modern day family fun! Gel Blasters shoot non toxic, eco-friendly Gellets. Our gel blasters are adrenaline-filled, competitive play doesn’t need to be messy! The Gel Blasters is an advanced blaster with no mess or clean-up technology, meaning you can battle indoor, outdoor, anywhere you want.


There is nothing like the adventure of running around with your buddies, testing your war skills on the field, shooting with a well-made Gel Blaster. We work with factories that share our values ​​of our brand and our products to give you the best choices, quality gel blasters and incredible prices! We have worked very hard to pull this together just to satisfy you - the end customer. Hopefully you can feel the real feeling of our products when you buy from us!


Our story began when we saw a gap in the market of new, fun and innovative gel blaster toys not being pushed into the market quick enough nor without any quality control. We rely on a top-class manufacturer to make our Gel Blasters. We provide you with everything you need to have fun and to become part of the ever-growing community of Gel Blaster Gun enthusiasts. We are constantly striving to improve your Gel Blaster experience with plenty of options to choose from.



Every order from Jubie toys has been wonderful experience! The design of the store has many details, so I know exactly what I get. Most importantly, their customer service is just outstanding!

Michael Smith

Awesome Brand. Really stands out from competitions because they actually care about their customers. Quality products as well!

Tyler Jefferson

I am super happy with my gel blaster gun. It works really well and is easy to use. Using it everytime i have my friends over. Huge recommendation from here!

James Hill

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